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Implementation of a Robust Medical Information Portal for Alkermes

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SciMax Implements a Robust Medical Information Portal for Alkermes

As a company focused on developing innovative medicines that aim to address unmet needs of people living with serious mental illness, addiction, and cancer, Alkermes sought to implement advanced capabilities in a web interface for healthcare professionals. This included the ability for users to not only submit a medical inquiry, but also access accurate medical information in a manner that’s most convenient for them. “It is great to be able to offer expanded channels for healthcare professionals to access Medical Information,” says Timothy Fish, Senior Director of Medical Information at Alkermes. “The implementation of our portal was an easy way to modernize the user-facing aspect of our function.” To achieve this goal for themselves and their customers, Alkermes selected SciMax Global (SciMax), a global life sciences technology provider, to adapt and implement its proprietary MedInquirer Self-Service Portal.

SciMax welcomed the opportunity to enhance Alkermes’ customers’ experience with a portal that would meet the needs and expectations of both consumers and health care professionals and incorporate real time chat capabilities to directly and easily connect users with medical information professionals. “We recognize the growing need for advanced features in self-service portals provided by the pharmaceutical and biotech industries,” says Joe Pierce, SciMax CEO. “Our application, able to be deployed as an off-the-shelf solution, can be configured for any company regardless of their internal medical information system, integrates seamlessly with Veeva Vault and has advanced capabilities including live chat. We are excited to partner with Alkermes to deploy this toolset and look forward to growing and enhancing the capabilities.”

The SciMax implementation process included a MedInquirer Self-Service Portal application workshop with the Alkermes business team explaining ideal business use cases, module functionality, workflows and associated configurations. Using a dedicated sandbox environment in order to assist in the process, iterative releases were advanced for testing of module feature selection and finalizing configurations and scope. SciMax worked with Alkermes to provide detailed product documentation and functional descriptions including screenshots to assist with regulatory, compliance and legal approval. Alkermes and SciMax worked together to complete the cloud on-boarding process including client setup, baseline configurations management, end-user training, user acceptance testing (UAT), production rollout, and Hypercare support to implement the portal. “It is great to be able to offer expanded channels for healthcare professionals to access Medical Information,” says Alkermes’s Tim Fish, “The implementation of our portal was an easy way to modernize the user-facing aspect of our function.”

SciMax is known for going above and beyond and their team coordinated and managed all activities including communication and documentation needed by multiple departments. Through meticulous planning, monitoring, scope management and change control, SciMax and the Alkermes team successfully branded, validated, and deployed the MedInquirer SSP system. “Alkermes’ strategic move to implement Self-Service Portal is a great beginning towards digital engagement of their HCPs,” says Bala Kaviti, SciMax’s technical lead on the project. “It was wonderful coordination received from the Alkermes Project team; they have been a great support throughout the project phase right from requirement gathering phase till go-live.” Alkermes was provided a personalized Self-Service Portal application training tool using a train-the-trainer approach, delivered with focus on default feature functionalities, configuration dependencies, and administration.