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Medical Information departments are using multiple channels to communicate with HCPs, and there is a focus and demand to create and distribute content in formats that are engaging and consumable for each channel.   

Historically, content has been created using Microsoft Word and converted into a static PDF format then emailed to HCPs. With the advancements in Medical Information systems and Self-Service Portals, visually appealing content can be generated in HTML format, interactive PDFs with navigation tools, and infographics to be distributed on websites, apps, and through email links. 

SciMax Global can help your company create and execute a plan to elevate your interaction with HCPs. We can then author, create, maintain, and distribute this interactive content across multiple formats to provide an engaging experience while sharing valuable scientific information. 

Features of Interactive Content Creation:

  • Colorful, visually appealing response documents (PDFs)
  • Content formatted for use on websites and Self-Service Portals
  • Navigation tools to easily direct the reader to a specific area of the document
  • Infographics to emphasize and simplify complex data

Phased Project Summary:

  • Determine the content most impactful to develop 
  • Review and identify any technology and integration challenge 
  • Determine look, feel, and formatting to align with corporate style guides  
  • Create a set of sample documents
  • Develop and document process for maintaining content
  • Upload interactive PDFs to the client’s environment
  • Go live!

Our Interactive Content Examples:

Example #1 (Click above image)
Example #2 (Click above image)

Example #3 (Click above image)

While PDF is currently the standard and most widely used format for Medical Information, transforming content is possible for all medical information departments. Contact at SciMax Global to set up a meeting and determine how we can take your response documents to the next level!  

If you would like to learn more about interactive content or Scimax, please send us a request.

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