Intuitive Self-service Portal Access to Support Your Medical Affairs Functions

SCIMAX CP is a dynamic, web-based Medical Affairs Collaboration Portal solution that will allow companies to usher in a new era of access portals where self-service Medical Information retrieval is integrated with Content Management solutions and other self-service features which support company specific needs. The one-stop shop platform provides a central location for customers to retrieve the latest news and announcements, information on upcoming and past events and conferences, and links to other programs such as grants, investigator-initiated trials, and product pages reducing the direct interaction time with your medical information department team.

SCIMAX CP supports compliance with regulatory standards.

SCIMAX CP online information request form allows HCPs and consumers an easy-to-use digital channel for submitting requests for information and reporting adverse events and product complaints.
SCIMAX CP provides a multi-pronged approach to HCP authentications (registration and login, self-authentication, or a combination of both) so that content can be aligned to the requestor.

SCIMAX CP can be integrated with SCIMAX MI or your in-house MI system.

HCPs can easily search and retrieve content.
Empower customers by launching a digital channel to quickly access medical information and connect with medical information teams.
An intuitive web form can be setup for intake of medical information requests along with potential adverse events and product complaints.
The data collected on the web forms can be automatically imported into SCIMAX MI to create a new case, thus streamlining the process.
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SCIMAX CP can easily be tailored to meet the overall medical affairs needs of your brands.

Cutting edge enhancements in SCIMAX CP can easily be tailored to match your branding guidelines.
The application is ready to deploy, and implementation time is reduced compared to a full Medical Affairs project.

Collaborate with HCPs using SCIMAX CP to digitally connect MSLs and HCPs to the medical affairs department.

SCIMAX CP integrates seamlessly with existing applications and websites. 
The medical information content search integrates with SCIMAX MI but can also allow collaboration with other industry standard content repositories and medical affairs solutions.
Additional content including news, professional events, and assistance programs can be published for quick access by customers.

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