MI-Tech Forums


MI-TECH is an industry leading technology forum that provides insights on key innovation trends and latest technology advancements in medical communications and medical information management. Every year we collaborate with global pharma and contact center companies to conduct an annual meet involving revolutionary thought leaders to share insights and discuss potential value gain pathways for optimizing medical communications. 

MI-Tech 9 (2023)

The 9th Annual MI-Tech Forum was held virtually in May 2023 and was focused on Med Info Driving System Integrations. Presentations include the latest updates and trends in MI, integrations with safety and quality, ChatGTP, and more!

MI-Tech 8

The 8th MI-Tech Forum was held virtually in April 2022 and was focused on “Getting Back to Basics”. Presentations include the MI Technology Roadmap, Interactive Content, AI, Efficiencies in MI, and Docuvera for MI.

MI-Tech 7

The 7th MI-Tech forum was held virtually in October 2021. The theme of this meeting was the ever-growing need for medical information professionals to embrace a transition to a culture of medical information technology.

MI-Tech 6

The 6th MI-TECH forum was held virtually in May 2021. With the impact of COVID-19, this event's theme was aligned towards the adoption of new technology and enabling self-service capabilities for HCPs.

MI-Tech 5

The 5th MI-TECH forum was held at the Hotel Du Pont in Wilmington, DE in October of 2019. The primary theme for this meeting was the usage of Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence in the MedComms industry.

MI-Tech 4

The 4th MI-TECH forum gathering was held at the Hanover Marriott October of 2018. The focus of this meeting was on driving HCP engagement with voice technology, Artificial Intelligence in content creation and management.

MI-Tech 3

The 3rd MI-TECH forum was premiered at the Omni Hotel, Rancho Mirage, CA. The main topics covered in this meeting was on utilizing advanced reporting and analytics to derive more value for informed decision making.

MI-Tech 2

The 2nd MI-TECH forum was hosted at the Chicago Marriott in Lincolnshire. The primary theme of this event was on how component authoring can be a valuable asset Medical Information Content Management.

MI-Tech 1

The first MI-TECH forum was held prior to the DIA MedComms Conference in Tuscon, Arizona in March of 2017. The focus of this meeting was on emerging technology and how it can be used in Medical Affairs.