New Launch for Targeted Oncology Biotech

New Launch
New Launch

SciMax Global Launches SCIMAX MI & Collaboration Portal (CP) for a Targeted Oncology Biotech Company

Princeton, NJ, — September 12, 2023

SciMax Global is an innovative Scientific Communications and Medical Affairs consulting and technology solutions provider. With a unified cloud Technology Platform and value-driven Consulting Services, SciMax has proven capabilities to help Pharmaceutical and Life Science organizations manage their Medical Affairs programs.

SciMax Global is excited to announce that a biopharmaceutical company acquiring, developing, and commercializing life-changing medicines for patients with severe rare disease and cancer, has successfully completed the implementation of our proprietary Medical Information system, SCIMAX MI, and our state-of-the-art medical information self-service and collaboration portal SCIMAX CP.

SCIMAX CP is a dynamic, web-based Medical Affairs Collaboration Portal solution enabling companies with advanced capabilities including integrated Content Management and other self-service features supporting health care professionals. The one-stop-shop platform provides a central location for customers to retrieve the latest news and announcements, information on upcoming and past events and conferences, and links to other programs such as grants, investigator-initiated trials, and product pages reducing the direct interaction time with your medical information department team.

“Launching SCIMAX CP to enable health care professionals to collaborate with our client’s medical information department and for use at conferences demonstrates the benefits of using an electronic Medical Information Request Form (eMIRF) to seamlessly submit medical information request from a conference to the medical information department. Going live with both SCIMAX MI and SCIMAX CP has allowed our client to build a strong relationship with their valuable health care providers” says Dayana Popa, project manager at SciMax.

Our client will utilize the fully validated, GxP compliant, SCIMAX MI system, configured uniquely to match their corporate styling and business requirements, to document and respond to medical product inquiries and document and transmit potential product quality complaints (PQC) and adverse events (AEs)

SciMax Global’s powerful API will enable our clients to integrate SCIMAX CP and SCIMAX MI into their CRM, allowing for the ability to easily manage content and ensure accuracy across all platforms. SCIMAX CP is the perfect addition to a Medical Information system in that it facilitates user-friendly collaborative digital engagement with HCPs, caregivers, and patients.

If your team is ready to see how adding SCIMAX MI or SCIMAX CP to your Medical Information system can enhance your business processes, reach out to Chad Emmenecker at (419)265-7332 or