Accelerate the Advancement of Medicine and Healthcare by Streamlining all Grant and Funding Programs

SCIMAX Grants is a highly configurable, comprehensive grant management solution capable of streamlining your entire grants life cycle from initial submission through review, contracting, reconciliation, and close-out. With its extensive feature functionality, the system allows companies to easily set up, track, and report on the status and outcomes of different types of grant programs and the organizations that have been engaged in the program.

Measure department value by accessing real-time dashboards and reports which capture Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), alignment with medical plan, operational tasks, and budget.

Track KPIs such as number of submissions, approval rating, budget spend, and time from submission to approval.
View prebuilt and custom dashboards to gain insights into operational efficiency and engagement with organizations.
Track disease-state related educational and awareness training activities delivered to different groups such as medical directors, physicians, and nurses.
Gain insight into an organization’s historical funding requests and approvals to assist in future grant decisions.

Simple, easy-to-use external interface for organizations to submit and reconcile applications.

Easily register and submit a new request for funding on the company’s grant portal by utilizing pre-defined online forms.
Verify authenticity of registered organizations utilizing various credentials such as nonprofit tax status.
Approve organization participation based on submitted credentials and selectively provide access permissions to individual grant programs.
Utilize business validation rules to ensure all required data is submitted at the appropriate time thus reducing the need to request additional information.
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Ensure compliance and provide flexibility when managing grant programs.

Set-up workflow, milestones, and tasks specific to type of grant, products, regions, and more.
Delete and add milestones and tasks at the grant level based on permissions.
Access full audit trail which captures reviews, decision, and approval history.
Align grant types, data collection, workflow, and milestones to company Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and working practices.

Improve efficiencies through collaboration and automation to reduce timelines and redundancy.

Approve, reject, or request additional information for grant submissions with predefined business validations and acceptance criteria.
Collaboratively review documents with track changes and comments in a single version.
Accept, delegate, decline, and reassign tasks with different permission settings.
Automate workflow and review options (parallel or sequential) to quickly distribute grant awards to the requestor.
Integrate to finance applications and third-party data analytics tools via available configurable API integrations.

Automate and capture all email correspondence related to a project to further reduce study timelines.

Automate alerts and notifications sent to internal and external users based on established criteria and business rules.
Manage all inbound and outbound email communication between external users and your company directly from the SCIMAX Grants application.

Client-controlled administration allows assigned users to manage and change the system as needed.

Set up grant applications and allocate funds for multiple grant types such as IME Grants, Scientific Grants, Donations, Award Programs, Charitable Grants, or Sponsorships.
Define prerequisites for registration and submission of requests.
Add or update custom fields, new email templates, dropdown values, and security policies for user access on demand. 
Build workflows and create forms required for different stages of a grant program with options to collect online documentation for approval and reconciliation.
Define work instructions and help content to provide guidance for external users submitting grant applications and for internal users evaluating such requests.

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