MI System Integrations

Increase your MI Business Process efficiency through System Integrations

Establishing a streamlined Global Medical Communications process requires a close-knit collaboration and communication between various functional groups. Pharma companies and their medical information call-center partners face a multitude of challenges with disconnected systems and manual processes which results in end-customer (HCP and patients) dissatisfaction, quality gaps and compliance shortfalls.

SCIMAX MI (MedInquirer) is designed to support various types of system integrations to eliminate manual effort and facilitate stakeholder collaboration across different medical information business functions by increasing quality, compliance and productivity. We have the technology expertise to establish a wide range of bi-directional integrations using APIs, file-based data transactions and advanced field logic automation.

With our technology and consulting expertise, we can help in establishing the following system integrations to support your medical communications business process. We have strategic partnerships as technology partners with Veeva Systems, Salesforce and Oracle Health Sciences to deliver the best-in-performance business solutions.

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