What We Do

SciMax Global is a leading provider of cutting-edge technology solutions for the pharmaceutical industry, specializing in Scientific Communications and Medical Affairs. By utilizing a unified cloud technology platform and value-driven consulting services, SciMax has demonstrated its ability to assist Pharma and Life Science companies in managing various medical affairs programs. These programs leverage automation, evidence, and insights generation to enhance patient outcomes and care excellence.

Industry Outlook

Medical Affairs plays a crucial role in bridging scientific research to the commercial side of the pharmaceutical industry as it helps to communicate the real-world applications of a medicine, device, or a therapy to healthcare professionals and caregivers using clinical and scientific information. Additionally, its responsibility extends in conducting non-registrational clinical trials, executing health economics and outcomes research studies, disseminating medical education and generating more scientific evidence to account for therapeutic value which, in turn, helps to develop innovative treatment approaches.

Customer Success Stories

What Our Clients Say

"We couldn't have asked for a better technology partner. SciMax has done an exceptional job with the implementation of MedInquirer. The system is ideal for our global team we eagerly look forward to new innovations from SciMax."

Vice President, Global Medical Affairs & Scientific Communications

US-based Emerging Biopharma
"SciMax helped us put a strategy together for streamlining medical communications with the MIQ platform. We really like the process adaptability of MIQ with its configurable nature. The CRM and Vault integration has been incredibly useful for our Medinfo team to reduce a lot of overhead time"

Director, Global Medical Information

US-based Emerging Biopharma
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