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Medical Affairs plays a crucial role in bridging scientific research to the commercial side of the pharmaceutical industry. In other words, it takes the decade effort of science and translates it as value to the consumer in the form of a medicine, device, or a therapy. In this regard, Medical Affairs shoulders a huge responsibility of delivering accurate medical and scientific information to healthcare providers. 

Additionally, medical affairs continuum in the pharma value chain extends in conducting non-registrational clinical trials after a drug receives FDA approval, executing health economics and outcomes research studies to generate more scientific evidence and supporting the commercial team in taking the medicine to the market.

At SciMax, we passionately believe that modern technology has immense potential to transform and optimize various medical affairs functions. With this focus, we specialize in engineering powerful, next-generation medical affairs software platforms that deliver value-focused business solutions. Our team of highly experienced  MedAffairs specialists and Technology professionals have developed the industry’s best-in-class products that will increase quality, compliance, collaboration, and productivity.

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