Software Development Partnership Program

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Software Development Partnership Program 

Since inception of the SciMax MI (MedInquirer) solution, SciMax Global has continued to develop and expand the system’s capabilities to offer the most function-rich and flexible Medical Information solution on the market. The first iteration of the SciMax MI (MedInquirer) solution was developed in partnership with numerous leaders in the Medical Information space including Eversana, a leading medical information call center provider, and Vertex, one of the largest and most advanced pharmaceutical companies worldwide. All of this was done under the Techsol brand, our parent company. 

The SciMax team has always been dedicated to working closely with our clients, partners, and prospective clients to build technology solutions that combine the highest level of functionality with advanced client configuration options providing significant flexibility that can be controlled and managed by the client. In addition, SciMax is always looking to push the envelope to add the latest and greatest from the continuing evolution of new technology and requirements demanded by an ever-changing business and regulatory landscape.

Crucial to our success is the focus on built-for-purpose applications. While SciMax utilizes the same technology stack and provides solutions that share a similar user experience and data sets to greatly improve medical affairs reporting, analytics, and insights, SciMax also ensures that each application is explicitly designed for the business need it is meant to address with efficiency and performance.

SciMax is inviting interested companies to participate in our Software Development Partnership (SDP) Program.  The SciMax SDP Program allows participating  companies to participate in the continued evolution and development of best of breed medical affairs technology solutions. There are several applications in which the SDP Program will be applicable. SciMax MI, Publication Management with SciMax Pubs, Grant Management with SciMax Grants, Early Access with SciMax EAP, Investigator Initiated Trials with SciMax IIT, and the web-based collaboration portal across applications known as SciMax CP.

Participating in the SDP Program provides numerous opportunities and benefits including: 
  • A mutually beneficial strategic alliance that gives participants access to new technology solutions  
  • SciMax product management to analyze, review and include customer-specific features and functional requirements into product road map 
  • Visibility into the product release scope and the release schedules 
  • Priority access to beta test releases, if applicable
  • Access to SDP Program discounts, as applicable
If you are interested in participating in our SDP program across any of the business focus areas, please contact Chad Emmenecker at