Complex MI Project in Eight Weeks

Med Info Project

SciMax Launches a Complex MI Project in Only Eight Weeks

Princeton, NJ, April 2022 – After three decades of providing safety, medical
communications, and contact center services to the pharmaceutical, biotech and consumer
health product industries, a medical center’s business unit is expected to experience significant
growth. To accommodate this growth, a medical communications and safety industry-
experienced group supporting a children’s hospital selected SciMax Global to implement its
proprietary SciMax MI (MedInquirer) cloud-based solution and offer associated technology

Adding to the complexity inherent in deploying any new system, there was a deadline. Due to
expiring support for an existing system, the call center needed to be up and running,
transitioning all their existing clients, in less than 8 weeks.

As part of the SciMax MI implementation project, SciMax partnered with the specialized
business unit to complete the setup of the baseline tenant for contact center and client, end-
user training, user acceptance testing (UAT), and production rollout of the system. SciMax
kicked off the project by conducting application and requirements gathering workshops with
the team. The focus of the workshops was to clarify business use cases, configure functionality,
create workflows to support core business needs, and develop integrations with various
systems. This enabled the medical center’s team to select module features to cater to their
specific business requirements and finalize configurations scope.

Once the SciMax MI configurations and integrations were set up and business reports were
deployed in the production environment, SciMax was able to complete the rest of the setup of
the Service Desk portal and finalized communications plan for the medical center. Using a
“Train the Trainer” approach, SciMax prepared key medical center personnel to manage the
default feature functionalities, configuration dependencies, and application administration with
ease ensuring a seamless transition to their newly validated and deployed solution.

Through excellent project management and close working relationships despite the COVID-19
pandemic, SciMax was able to meet the deadline and transition all existing clients successfully.
“This is a perfect example of how we expect our client-centric focus to benefit the industry and
our partners,” said Joe Pierce, CEO of SciMax Global. “This call center has excellent leadership
and engaged participation that enabled our team to be responsive in all aspects of setting up
and deploying a new solution.”