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SCIMAX MI (MedInquirer)

Optimize Global Medical Communications

With a patient-centric outlook, Pharma companies and Contact Centers are seeking out new technology innovations focused on delivering more value in every HCP engagement and customer interaction across various channels. Providing accurate medical information to HCPs and Consumers at the right time requires a convenient and powerful technology for global Medical Communications.

SCIMAX MI is an intelligent medical information management system which can be leveraged by pharma, medical device companies, and contact centers to collect and respond to medical inquiries and to report potential product complaints and adverse events for all types of therapeutic areas including specialty and generic products.

Key Product Capabilities

As a highly configurable cloud solution, SCIMAX MI (Formerly known as MedInquirer) can easily be tailored to facilitate your medical communications business process from local to regional and global levels. Our purpose-built innovative features can automate and optimize several medical information business functions.

SCIMAX MI is a fully managed regulatory compliant cloud solution and supports over 14+ types of system integrations.


Robust Multi-Channel Case Intake

SCIMAX MI allows speedy case intake from a wide range of customer channels (Phone, Email, Chat, Mobile App, etc.). The intuitive user interface designed for contact center agents facilitates rapid case creation in a few seconds with features like duplicate search, CRM Contacts lookup, city zip code lookup and non-linear data entry.

Rapid Medical Inquiry Fulfillment

Multiple MIs can be captured within a single case and responded to within minutes using the pre-configured product / reporter specific FAQs and auto-selected standard response documents. The templatized response package creation with click and choose options eliminates manual transcribing errors.

Built-in Medical Communications Inbox and Case Correspondence

Execute all case level communications to cross-team members and customers directly within SCIMAX MI with pre-configured email templates while responding to Medical Information Requests. The MI Inbox saves time spent on manual drafting of emails and eliminates the cumbersome process of including source attachments and reports while processing Adverse Events and Product Complaints.

Collaborative MI, AE and PC Case Management Workflows

Create Site / Region specific workflows for processing medical information requests, escalating different types of inquiries (On-label and Off-label) and transmitting Adverse Events and Product Complaints to other business groups. Leverage robust case search options to filter, preview, work and route cases to different user groups and users

Actionable Insights on Customers, Products, Content Usage and Operations

SCIMAX MI has a built-in reporting and analytics engine with over 40+ standard reports and 100+ analytical and operational dashboards. Prepare, share and export case data listings, interactive visual dashboards and summary metric reports across modules.

Digital MI Content Management

SCIMAX MI has a built-in ‘Content Authoring’ module for new content creation, authoring, review and approval directly on the web with MS Word look and feel. You can easily configure and manage all product specific or site-specific FAQs, standard response letters, cover letters, enclosures, package inserts, posters etc.
Risk Management

MI Quality Assurance

SCIMAX MI allows you to perform both retrospective and prospective quality assurance activities. The built-in data validation and business rules can be configured to ensure that all case processing activities are performed with the highest quality as per your organization's process requirements.
Cyber Security

Customer Data Privacy and Data Protection

Our system increases your company’s global compliance to GxP, HIPAA and EU-GDPR regulations with the setup of country specific data privacy rules. Your organization can conduct business operations as per applicable data protection company policies with data encryption and ‘Right to Forget’ configurations.
FDA Stamp

GxP Compliance and Sunshine Act Reporting

SCIMAX MI has an audit trail at case level, response level, report level and administration level. The electronic records and electronic signatures defined and maintained within SCIMAX MI meet GxP regulatory compliance and FDA 21 CFR Part 11 requirements. The built-in reports are available to meet Sunshine Act reporting needs for sponsors and medical information call centers.
Self Service Portal

Self Service Portal - SCIMAX MI SSP

Empower customers by launching a digital channel to easily access medical information and connect with medical information teams. An intuitive web form can be setup for intake of medical information requests along with potential AEs and PQCs. The data collected on the web forms can be automatically imported to SCIMAX MI to create a new case, thus streamlining the MI process. Additionally, content related to products can be published for quick access by customers. SCIMAX MI SSP can be easily configured and managed directly from the SCIMAX MI System.
Scimax MI Mobile


Empower your Company Representatives and MSLs with a Powerful Medical Information Mobile App to capture and respond to medical information requests, adverse event or product complaints from HCPs and consumers whether in the field or at a Congress or Symposia. Additionally, Field Reps and MSLs can easily search and access selective medical information content for quick verbal response fulfillment on their mart phones, iPads, and tablets.

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