Delivering Value by Establishing Different Types of Medical Information System Integrations

Delivering Value by Establishing Different Types of Medical Information System Integrations

Customer Background

Our Client, a mid-west US-based Medical Information Contact Center specializes in providing 24×7 medical information services to over 15+ global pharma and medical device companies using the SciMax MedInquirer (MIQ) platform. Apart from medical inquiry fulfillment, the company processes hundreds of adverse events and product complaints across its clientele products with a very fast turnaround time to meet compliance and contractual obligations. With a collaborative partnership, the Contact Center focuses on providing exceptional value to their pharma clients by leveraging MedInquirer’s advanced medical information management capabilities through our continuous innovation.

Business Need

After a successful MI system implementation, the Contact Center wanted SciMax to establish a wide-range of system integrations that were unique to each of their pharma clients to increase process-efficiency, service quality, compliance and productivity. Following were some of the key requirements that the Contact Center had around each of the system integrations:

  • Establish bi-directional, real-time system integrations with the SciMax MedInquirer system for contacts lookup from Salesforce CRM, automatic medical inquiry intake from pharma-client specific CRM applications, email, webforms and fetch approved Medinfo content from Veeva Vault. 
  • Work directly with each of their Pharma client’s IT groups to complete the technical and functional design for each type of system integration 
  • Generate comprehensive testing and validation documentation to account for real-time data transfer and 21 CFR Part 11 compliance 
  • Enable automatic data reconciliation to take place between systems after information exchange
  • Develop comprehensive reports to track volume and variety of information exchange between SciMax MIQ and the external systems
  • Get continuous technical and functional support to ensure that all integrated systems work correctly and consistently irrespective of incremental MedInquirer version changes.

Project Challenges

  • Establishing each system integration required meticulous planning and coordination between the Contact Center (our client), Pharma Companies (their clients), External System Vendors and SciMax Solution Delivery team
  •  SciMax had to work with 6 different pharma companies and their associated Medical Affairs and IT Groups to finalize the integration scope and technical design through the Contact Center
  • Enabling technical understanding amongst stakeholders was a huge challenge to complete the system connections, configurations, field-mapping, etc. as this was a new undertaking for our client
  • Stringent timelines for strategic launch of each integration forced speedy integration setup without any compromise on quality, data integrity and compliance. 

Our Solution

In our effort to deliver value to the Contact Center client, we formed a dedicated MI Solution Delivery team that has extensive expertise in medical affairs system integrations. Our solution delivery framework includes a combination of Technology, Consulting Expertise, Project Management and Insights Generation capabilities. 


The SciMax MedInquirer (MIQ) offers out-of-the-box system integration capabilities with external CRM applications (Salesforce, Veeva CRM, etc.), Email, SSO, E2B Compliant Drug Safety System, QMS applications, Webforms, Veeva Vault, etc. using certified APIs. 

SME Consulting

Our Subject Matter Experts have extensive experience in configuring, customizing, testing and deploying a variety of complex IT systems that continuously evolve with newer versions. Our partnership models with AWS, Veeva, Oracle and so on helps us to build our knowledge base.  

Project Management

For delivering this complex project successfully, we adopted the agile project management methodology to implement, adapt and evolve the capabilities for each system integration. Also, this helped us to coordinate with multiple stakeholders more effectively.

How We Delivered

Each MIQ system integration was planned and delivered as an individual project but executed in parallel workstreams. Using the agile project management methodology, each system integration was completed in the following phases:


Discovery Phase

Our team conducted workshops to explain the default integration capability to stakeholders and gather client specific requirements.

Configuration Phase

Configuration work sessions were conducted to discuss, finalize and complete field-mappings, rules setup and other configurations for integration setup by coordinating with IT groups and the technology partner.

Testing / Validation Phase

Testing the integration to check for inconsistencies, defects and identify gaps and fill them up before releasing the integration build for production use.

Deployment Phase

Launching the finalized system integration in the production system for real-time medical inquiry and medical information management for the contact center to use the same.

Key Achievements

Working with our Contact Center Client, SciMax successfully established the following system integrations with MedInquirer (MIQ) across different pharma company tenants on our fully-managed cloud platform.

5 - MedInquirer CRM Contacts Integration

5 - MIQ CRM Integrations for eMIR Intake

4 - MIQ Integrations for eMIR Import

1 - MIQ Veeva Vault Integration

Client Benefits

  • With the MIQ CRM Contacts integration, the MI Specialists in the Contact Center can get real-time customer information from their individual client’s CRM system for providing rapid response. 
  • The email-based eMIR intake capability allowed automatic intake of medical information requests in the XML format directly into the MIQ database for fulfillment
  • The MIQ-CRM eMIR intake integration allowed the seamless receipt of medical information requests from the CRM system to MIQ. Client specific field representatives and MSLs could also be informed on the processing status on each of their requests with real-time bi-directional information exchange.
  • The MIQ Veeva Vault integration allowed the Contact Center to get all medical information content from their pharma client company without any manual intervention for MI fulfillment.
  • With each system integration completed in 2-3 weeks, the Contact Center optimized its medical information management, technical inquiry response, and safety data reporting process across its client base.
  • One of the pharma companies opted for a webform integration where the online medical inquiries submitted by HCPs were automatically received in MedInquirer for fulfillment.
  • The phased-approach and extra-mile coordination efforts displayed by all the team members minimized the scope for errors in integration
  • With meticulous project management, SciMax established timely coordination with the Contact Center, their clients and associated technology partners to bridge communication channels
  • Our post-integration hypercare and service desk is currently helping the Contact Center to keep all the system integrations up and running on a 24×7 basis. Additionally, SciMax provides continuous change management support for all new system changes. 

How We Can Help

Is your organization looking out for a flexible and scalable medical information management system? Are you looking at a modern technology solution which can readily integrate and optimize your current medical information business process? If yes, feel free to contact our team with your challenges and let us present the optimal solution to you.

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