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Collaboration Portal

SciMax Collaboration Portal

SciMax CP: The SciMax Collaboration Portal is a purpose-built, web-based Medical Affairs solution that will help pharmaceutical and biotech companies usher in a new era of access portals which can integrate with Medical Information and Content Management solutions.  

SciMax will provide advanced features including:

  • A dynamic digital channel for HCPs to interact with Medical Information Departments
  • An innovative, quick and easy way for HCPs to find answers to medical inquiries
  • An easy-to-use Adverse Event and Product Complaint reporting platform for HCPs, patients, and caregivers
  • Help HCPs find MSLs specific to therapeutic area or region
  • One stop shop platform to provide:
    • Latest news and announcements
    • Upcoming and past events and conferences
    • Re-directional links to other assistance pages (grants, IIT/ISR, product pages)

Main Functions:

  • Submit Medical Information requests
  • Search for Medical information content
  • Report potential Adverse Events and Product Complaints
  • Allow HCPs to view previously submitted complaints/ requests
  • Search for an MSL assigned to a specific state or region
  • Provide a multi-pronged approach to HCP Authentications (registration and login, self-authentication or a combination of both)
  • Request to join informative mailing lists
  • List available assistance programs
  • Provide access to the latest information/news about products and events

Cutting Edge Enhancements:

  • Ready to deploy application that can easily support clients’ brand guidelines 
  • MI content search that can be configured for SciMax MI or Veeva Vault or other MI systems 
  • Reduced deployment time compared to a full Medical Affairs project 
  • News and announcements, events and conferences with the option to enroll for events and subscribe to mailing lists in one click

Client Benefits:

SciMax Collaboration Portal (SciMax CP) helps in introducing a new digital channel for HCPs, patients and caregivers to interact with the Medical Information Department and support better communication with quick and accurate access to information. 

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